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Characteristics When People Lie

1 . Know the way he usually speaks
As a friend , you must know how usually friends or people that you know when to speak . There are things that are typical of every person when speak something , whether sad , happy , angry , and so forth . This characteristic is usually also accompanied by specific gestures , such as lips , hands , body , eyes , eyebrows and other things that have differences with each other . In ways that are not the same in a way that is usually done when the talk could be early clues .

2 . Note pressures in speech patterns
A person who is under pressure and psychological pressure also came under pressure as a particular physical impact. For example, increased heart rate and blood flow quickly . It affects other physical activity , in this case speaking activity . People who lie tend to have a tone and unreasonable pressure . This is due to the pressures and considerations in mind that the tug states lie . Basically , states that lie is naturally going to put pressure on the condition as well as psychological , physical , and mental . Therefore , the pressure appears larger ,

3 . Take a look at some of the signs and gestures ( gestures ) that appear specific .
The following are some of the signs and gestures that are often found in people who are lying :

  • Gestures are minimal or not moving at all or moving it to excess . People who are lying tend to ' freeze ' , not often deal with the other person , and try to minimised body movement . Some are actually move excessively . All of it is an attempt to avoid the appearance of the signs that he is lying . However , this would also be a clue that someone is lying .
  • There is no eye contact . People are being lied to often avoid eye contact . Instinctively, he will avoid the gaze of the other. Eye contact in speech is a supporter and also store additional information when speaking . By making eye contact , someone who is being lied to capture the signal information that is out of sync with what was said . That is why there is also scientific knowledge then read the minds of others through eye contact .
  • Gesture other body parts that show distress . For example play finger nails , excessive eye blinking , swallowing many times , and other movements done repeatedly . Feeling scared , nervous , uncomfortable , and the idea of ​​what would happen if he was known to lie to make people experience high pressure and do things that actually showed anxiety .
  • Look to the upper right . Look in this direction as the associated business process for hiring and imagination to come up with the right brain , which is the effort to create the fabric of the story based on what she had told . Instead , look to the left an attempt to call a memory to tell the truth / the fabric of the real story .
  • Wide-open eyes and a look of innocent ( not guilty ) . Habits in childhood that we still carry today is as wide open eyes and make the innocent look , as if to say , "Who ? .... I am guilty ? " This is often done by the time we were kids when mom caught no big packet of bread missing from the refrigerator . ! ( ^ ^ )
  • Halting speech ( paused ) . Not everyone has a great talent in making stories and speak fluently when lying . Thus , it is often found that pausing talks and the tempo that is not fair . Usually occurs when a part of a hoax about to levelled , when he was trying to fabricate a story interwoven . This is where the story usually delivered starting inconsistent and changeable.
  • Touching the nose or mouth and cover your face . It is also a congenital small , which is a reflective response when someone wants to cover up something .
  • High tone . People who lie tend to raise the tone. As well as the business confirmed the information submitted , emotions rise , and high pressure . It would be very easy to know if you have known habit of speaking interlocutors .

4 . Reduce / eliminate the information that must be submitted .
Lying is not only saying things that are not real , but also by eliminating information that should be said on the other person . This indication is actually more easily identified because the information is usually braid / or stories submitted become whole and raises many questions . Omens mentioned above will still appear . After convey information with a convincing style , he will perform gesture - specific gesture , such as touching the nose or mouth cover / face .

5 . Ask people who you expect to lie .
Of course this will also invite great risk . If , it turns out you do not lie to the other person , then this method will bring adverse effects . Therefore , use this method you have to get a lot Juka sign above and you are absolutely sure that you are the other person is lying. However , let and not ask any person who is lying will also have dire consequences , especially for the perpetrator . Therefore , it is also a solution that lies perpetrator confessed and problems can then look for a solution to be resolved .

6 . Use Intuition .
Believe it or not , humans have created intuition . Moreover , human beings were created to tell the truth . Therefore man is basically difficult to perform and difficult to lie lied . Intuition is totally different from lust , because lust associated with desire , so it is subjective . While intuition be objective and not based on the desire . So feel cheated and lied to prejudge not the same . Before believe you lied to yourself , ask yourself if this is because of prejudice or because your intuition . Even if you ultimately do not know if you are being lied to by the evidence , but at least you know that someone seemed to lie to you so that you will not believe it just like that .

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